The Pan-African Alliance of Young Entrepreneurs is an entrepreneurial allyship of dedicated young men and women who fight socio-economic dilemmas on the African continent. PAYE serves as an ecosystem that connects entrepreneurs across the continent, guides them through mentorship and educational programs, and finances their big ideas to make Africa a better place. We champion the tenets of philanthropy, authentic collaboration, and lasting innovation.

Officially launched in July 2021, the Pan-African Alliance of Young Entrepreneurs ™  is a close-knit community of Young Entrepreneurs who fight for Africans’ economic and social empowerment through co-creation, professional development, and advocacy. 

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Long-term innovation is a key barometer for success and this is the kind of innovation we need. Our creative minds birth solutions that transcend generations and make history-that is the change we want to see.

We are building an ever-growing network of entrepreneurs, activists, educators, and artists who will work hand-in-hand to brainstorm, design, implement and promote effective African-thought solutions.

We are at the service of the communities that have made us who we are.  #givingback is a must and we do it with genuineness, fairness, and love. This is simply what philanthropy means to us.

As young African entrepreneurs, we are aware of the key barriers that stunt the growth of early-stage ventures or entrepreneurial activities on the continent. We need 3 forms of access: Community, Resources, and Celebration. We’ve seen these 3 obstacles and experienced them ourselves. That’s why we established PAYE, to build a solid network of entrepreneurs who leverage each other’s expertise and get access to industry-specific resources such as funding, mentorship, and expertise.

At PAYE, the youth is at the center. PAYE’s main audience is entrepreneurs on the continent. For that reason, we are heavily invested in promoting and rewarding our entrepreneurs through spotlight articles, storytelling, and reportages.

Entrepreneurship is not a lonely journey, it takes a village. Young entrepreneurs need a community of like-minded peers who help them grow. This is our network, one that fosters authentic collaboration and strategic co-creation.

PAYE has a strong and diverse portfolio of partners, mentors, donors, industry experts, and passionate change-makers. We bring all of these assets and resources to young entrepreneurs who then propel their ventures to the next level.

Download our latest brochure “Akwaaba” to learn about our unique scenario for the mobilization and empowerment of Young African Entrepreneurs, and how we could join forces to create a real impact on the African entrepreneurial front by the 2023 horizons. Make sure to join our newsletter to receive “Akwaaba” straight in your inbox !

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