The Alliance: African Entrepreneurship in Motion

The Alliance: African Entrepreneurship in Motion

Akwaaba, Journeyer

I am honored to welcome you to Africa’s 1st Pan-African Alliance of Young Entrepreneurs ™ (PAYE ™ ). Today, we celebrate young committed individuals coming together to tackle one issue: The African Issue. Today, diversity means unity and we do not take it for granted. ”I” means “We” which means more Allies for the African cause, more change-makers and innovators, more problem-solvers and story-makers supporting each other, leveraging on their expertise and experiences to create healthier narratives and sustainable futures for Africans.

Officially launched in July 2021, the Pan-African Alliance of Young Entrepreneurs ™  is a close-knit community of Young Entrepreneurs who fight for Africans’ economic and social empowerment through co-creation, professional development, and advocacy. We are a dedicated alliance of young innovative and creative minds proud to represent the largest of-its-kind collective on the African continent.

PAYE Allies have grounded beliefs in the tenets of collaboration, philanthropy, and innovation. As we seek collaborative opportunities to birth solutions that will transcend generations, we always remain at the service of the communities that deeply contributed to our growth and development. We serve our people with pride. Giving back is a must.

PAYE Allies understand the sine-qua-non duty of African minds in the sustainable representation, longevity, and prosperity of the continent. We are not only #MadeinAfrica but #MadeforAfrica.

May our trajectory be one of growth and impact as we become family, today, for a greater tomorrow.

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Aniaba Jean-Baptiste | Founder and Executive Director