Introducing Sifa Muderhwa

Introducing Sifa Muderhwa

I am the Marketing & Communications Manager of the Pan-African Alliance of Young Entrepreneurs. My name is Genevieve Theodora Sifa Muderhwa. I was born and raised in Kinshasa, DRC, and I love music production, writing, and playing the piano. Currently pursuing a BA in International Studies at DePaul University, I am a recipient of the Global DePaul Scholarship. My passion for advocacy led me to speak at the TEDxboulevardTriomphal event as one of the youngest Congolese speakers where I denounced mediatic misrepresentation and its impact on the African continent. I am also a tutor at the RefugeeOne organization. 

  1. What does entrepreneurship mean to you? Can you tell us more about your entrepreneurship journey?

Entrepreneurship, for me, is more about creating an impact in targeted communities than profit. I prefer the service-offering aspect of entrepreneurship, leaving a legacy and contributing to revolutionary change in any given space or discipline. My journey with entrepreneurship started at the African Leadership Academy, where I discovered its different facets. My learning primarily relied on understanding values and the role of enterprises in following but also sharing those values.

  1. What does community mean to you?

I believe community is the driving force behind change. A tightened community united around common ideologies writes history, and this is what I aspire for my Congo and Africa as a whole. Consolidating our relationships to move towards our common goals that’s what I want my community to do.

  1. Why did you join PAYE? Where do you see PAYE in the next 10 years? 

I joined PAYE because I believe in the great potential of young African entrepreneurs. PAYE addresses the main challenges of youth entrepreneurship in Africa. By providing networks, training, and investments to entrepreneurs, we aim to boost the youth revolution on the continent. In the next ten years, I see PAYE being fully functional in its mission and purpose with a significant impact on this generation of businessmen and businesswomen in different areas of expertise.

  1. What is your motto in life? Why?

My motto is: Life is a movie; you are the hero and the director. I think it is simply because we only finish films that we love. Take ownership of your time and make the most beautiful art piece possible. There will be no reimbursement when credits roll up.

  1. Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years? 

In ten years, I would have probably learned a few other languages and contributed to my country through humanitarian work or politics. I also hope I will have a small discography available on all platforms.

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