Monthly Community Calls (MCCs) allow our community of entrepreneurs to share insights on their ventures and build relationships with one another.

Let’s Talk is a bi-weekly conversation with change-makers on the continent to share their story and journey as Young Entrepreneurs. 

PAYE is heavily invested in promoting young African entrepreneurs through spotlight articles, interviews,  storytelling, and reportage.

Every year, we launch our #AfricaLoudNow campaign. #AfricaLoudNow is our end-of-year social justice campaign designed to raise awareness and funds to tackle specific African dilemmas. Through this campaign, we raise and join our voices towards key issues with the hope of making Africa a better place, one campaign at a time. 

The PAYE Social Justice Campaign is an annual donation offered to African NPOs to fight for socio-economic and political dilemmas. This is how we support the work of existing change-makers.

Once a year, PAYE organizes a summit convocation whereby various civil society leaders and acclaimed business magnets are invited to engage our community. 

African Entrepreneurship in Motion is the Alliance’s 1st editorial piece designed to introduce the Alliance, its strategic goals, and its vibrant community of story makers.  PAYE Mag is a yearly editorial piece.